Features and Benefits

Why Pointr?

Our mission is to boost Pet Business efficiency, promote happy customers, improve customer rentention, and remove paper waste — one place for your store to manage customer and pet information in a hyper intelligent way.

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Pointr improves overall Pet Business efficiency — all pet information & scheduling in one place.


Remove Data Silos

Employees have immediate access to customer, pet behavior, vaccination and liability waiver details.


Earth friendly

Pointr 100% eliminates the need for paper records — vaccinations, pet history, waivers and more.

Yes! All your data in one place

Family information, user profiles, and the most important pet information... in one place! Enable digital signing of liability waivers, collect vaccination records (and verify them), record pet behavior, add medical and nutrition information, and a whole lot more... in one place!

Remove information silos

All information in one place

Pointr looks at the world through the lens of a family. A family consists of people, babysitters, friends and pets. Using this model we bring all information together in a more intuitive and intelligent way.

For example if 'mom' drops Henry (the dog) off for grooming, Pointr knows that Peter (dad) is picking the pet up! We also know Henry is fun to play with and is sensitive to another dog called Max. That's pretty cool.

Grooming Management Simplified

A grooming management environment that is scalable, flexible and easier to use.



Drag and drop pet appointments onto your day, week or month schedule. Automatically know how long a grooming appointment takes based on the breed and services you select.



Pointr automatically sends SMS messages to your customer. Simplify appointment appointments and tell your customer exactly where the pet is in the grooming cycle.



Pointr enables personalization at many levels — groomer coloring, logos, holidays, personal days off, commission managment, reporting, and much more.

Pet Day Care

Manage all day care reservations with ease


Track by time

Dashboard allows you to see which pets are going to be hourly, half day or hanging out all day.


In & Out Lickity Split

Pointr makes it simple and very efficient to schedule pets for day care, check them in and check out!


Report Cards

Fill out a digital report card for any pet — how did they do and who did they play with? Woof gold star!

Make it yours!

Pointr enables stores to personalize the system for no additional fee.



Load your logo, colors and link to Google maps to introduce public store photos.


Manage staff & your store

Create your team including managers, groomers and employees. Establish grooming commission rates, define holidays and store hours.


Establish Services

Pointr comes with a pre-defined service cost outline. You can modify what you charge for any of your grooming services.